Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

We use a hand held Low Level Laser - RianCorp LTU-904 at the Lymph Clinic. This is classified as Class I and is 100% safe for you and all conditions that we treat.

It is a painless non-invasive treatment tool that can be included in Combined Decongestive Therapy to reduce hardened fibrotic tissue and scar tissue, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve mobility and skin condition.

LLLT can be used as an individual treatment for muscle pain, soft tissue injuries and scars following surgery and/or cancer treatment and improve recovery time.

Treatment with low level laser takes 15-20 minutes depending on what needs to be treated and this can also be included as part of your overall appointment.

Treatment should be carried out at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks.

How Does LLLT work on the tissue?

This infra-red laser works at a low frequency to penetrate invisible wavelengths deeply into the tissues below the skin. This changes the structure of the collagen in the tissue making it more attractive to macrophages - the cells that clean up waste and debris.

  • ​Restores lymph drainage through stimulation of new pathways - encourages 'lymphangiomotoricity' = increases the pumping of the lymphatic vessel valves.
  • Restore drainage through reduction of fibrotic tissue, scar tissue and relaxation of fascia.
  • Reduction in tissue fluid accumulation so reduces swelling and inflammation improving skin condition and mobility.
  • Improves recovery time.

What can be treated with LLLT

  • Scar tissue including keloid
  • Fibrosis - hardening of the tissue
  • Lymphoedema - oedema reduction
  • Radiation scarring
  • Seroma reduction
  • Muscle pain and trigger points
  • Soft tissue injury including old injuries
  • Muscle contracture or tightness 
  • Post breast implant contracture
  • Cording or Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS) - often found in the tissue following axillary (armpit) lymph node removal and chest/breast surgery.
Lymph Clinic Low level laser therapy

There have been numerous published clinical studies and trials with positive results. Take a look at the Riancorp website

Implications for cancer survivors confers that LLLT clinically has meaningful reductions in arm volume and pain in women with breast cancer related lymphoedema. 

Patients received additional benefits from LLLT - reduction in limb circumference, pain and increased range of motion and scar mobility' 

Kathryn White et al 2009

'Given the chronic and often progressive nature of lymphoedema, the low level laser is a significant treatment modality in increasing lymphatic circulation by working to soften tissues that are hardened by scar tissue adhesions, radiation fibrosis and lymphoedema fibrosis' 

Karen Ashworth (OT, California)