Compression Garments

Do You Require a Compression Garment


The Lymph Clinic offer a range of compression garments in varying classes of compression and fabrics. These are either 'Ready to Wear' - generically sized to cater for your individual needs or 'Made to Measure' - whereby they are custom made for you.

They are all medically graded garments with the graded pressure on the active leg or arm assisting circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation. We will advise whether a circular knit or a flat knit garment is best for your condition or requirements.

Full measuring, ordering, fitting and garment care advise is given.

You may require a compression garment if you have or do any of the following ~

Compression Garments Lymph Clinic


  • Lymphoedema - Leg | Arm | Head & Neck | Abdomen | Genital | Breast
  • Lipo-lymphoedema or phlebo-lymphoedema
  • Lipoedema
  • Varicose veins, venous stasis oedema, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
  • Sports injuries - especially recurring e.g achilles, ankle sprains and prevention, sports performance & training.
  • Recent surgery (if recommended)
  • Prolonged sitting/standing 
  • Pregnancy oedema (swelling)
  • Travel - help in prevention of blood clot (DVT) or prevention for 'at risk' following cancer surgery or adjuvant treatment - (radiotherapy or chemotherapy)

Medical Indications for Compression Garments


  • Primary and secondary lymphoedema
  • Lipoedema
  • Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) 
  • Primary and secondary varicoses (varicose veins)
  • Varicoses or oedema (swelling) during pregnancy
  • After vein procedures  
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (swelling lower legs)
  • Prevention of venous ulcers
  • Post operative oedema
  • Post traumatic oedema - sports injuries 
  • After burns
  • Assist in scar management following surgery/injury - hypertrophic & keloid
Custom made compression garment Lymph Clinic

Selecting the correct compression is crucial for good control. It is usually wise to have a pair of garments so you can wash them regularly.

The efficacy of a garment usually lasts 4-6 months depending your skin, how often you wear it and use of creams. 

The Lymph Clinic also stocks an array of different 'donning and doffing' aids to assist you to put on and take off your garment with ease. 

Travel and Sports Compression

Travel socks

Don't go flying long haul without a pair of travel socks!

​We have a range of travel compression socks in Class 1 (15-20mmHg) at the clinic. This can prevent a DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) during of after travel.

All we need is to take a quick couple of measurements to select your size and you're all ready to jump on that plane. 

Here's some additional info on long haul travel and risk of DVT

Sport Compression

We stock unisex Venosan Athletic compression socks for all sports. They are below knee calf length with a closed foot and cushioned foot bed. They come in a variety of fun colours as well as black & white.

Wearing compression during training and competing ensures you have good venous return, removes exercise waste by-products quickly via your lymphatic system and provides increased circulation for muscle recovery and performance.

These can also double as your travel sock!

Compression garment Lymph Clinic

Sports Compression socks Lymph Clinic

Our therapist Lesley endorses Venosan Athletic compression socks and has used them in training and competing in two 60km ultra mountain marathons, she doesn't leave home for a run without them ~

 "Since wearing these wonderful supportive and comfortable socks during run training and competing, I have not had one calf strain or any achilles issue and don't get cramps as I did before when I didn't wear compression"

Lesley Logan